Hair Retouching Masterclass


Always having issues about how you can retouch hair the best way?
In this tutorial, I take you in 6 lessons on how you can retouch hair easy.
I will learn techniques that really work for me to retouch hair the best way possible.
The course content is one hour long in multiple sections.
So I provide you with small videos which you can do the best.


What is in the course?

  • Everything you need to learn about hair retouching is in one place.
  • As I develop I will continue to add content in the tutorial.
  • It is a course that takes you through different techniques to retouch hair.

6 Videos will teach you how to use different techniques of retouching hair.

Course Overview: 

  1. Cleaning up hair fast and easy.
  2. Drawing in hairs.
  3. Removing hairs that crossing the face.
  4. Fixing visible scalp (this technique we also use at a pony that is missing a piece.
  5. Cleaning baby hairs on the forehead.

Getting more dynamics in the hair.

What will you have learned after taking this course? 

Learn how to clean up the hair in an easy and not time-consuming way.

  • Fixing common issues on hairs on the skin/ears.
  • How to create a polished hair effect without looking fake.