Jasmijn Bult is a commercial retouched, based in the Netherlands but working worldwide.
She started with retouching at the age of 14 and took it even more serious when she was 16. She has been retouching for multiple clients like Loavies, Hema, and Van Uffelen

Jasmijn love to work with earth tones to create a serene vibe in the images. On set, Jasmijn finds it important to work as a team and keep an eye on improvisation and improvements for the imagery. 

Operating from her studio in Deventer, the Netherlands, but is available all around the globe. 

MEET THE CO-Owner : 

Tom Paape is a Marketing and Production Manager. 
The same as Jasmijn he started with Photography, but eventually he found out that was working for a photography business was something that he admired. 

Now he has taken care of getting the work published, getting in touch with clients and more tasks a handyman can do. 

Tom loves to have contact with a client and create a relaxed work environment to make sure everyone is on one line. On set, he finds it important to make sure that the images that are created are what the clients expect. 

Operating from home, but most of the time he is where Jasmijn is. 


HEMA / Otrium / Geen Bluf! / Make-up Studio / Beau Monde / Loavies / Finalst One shot by  Behind the Chair/ StyleTone / PUUSH Beauty / Jean Paul Myné / Bumi Bars / Fleur Sheriff Bags / Top Hair Benelux / Estetica Magazine / Obsecure Magazine / Surreal Magazine / Talkies Magazine / Maneater / Atelier Jungles / Keune Haircosmetics / Rosefield/ Amoreve / Van Uffelen


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