Retouching by Jasmijn Bult is a service that helps brands and retouchers.

Our vision is to help brands with providing images to sell their products/services. I really love to help other photographers/retouchers to get more knowledge about retouching, so that is why I also provide tools for retouchers to learn the same tools.

Jasmijn Bult is a High-end retoucher and photographer.

I started my career in 2015, I studied Photography at Cibap in Zwolle, the Netherlands. At this time I found out my love for studio photography and retouching. I’m really focused on details of an image, sometimes there are little details that you miss on set, and then it’s really important that you can fix those issues in the retouch.

After retouching many years for myself I found out that I could help other photographers that don’t have the time to retouch their images. I really hate to let clients wait for their images, so too speed up you’re workflow I would love to help.

Tom Paape is the website Developer and Contact person for payments.

With a career in Photography and developing Tom really helps with those services on the website. If something is getting wrong with the payments Tom would help you with getting this issue fixed. Tom and Jasmijn are partners. Tom is the backend developer for all the websites from Jasmijn Bult in combination with Jasmijn we developed this website.


Tom and I really love to travel and work from other locations.
In the Sumer of 2019, we made a trip through a big chunk of Europe, as represented on the map below. Our goal in life is to work from everywhere on the planet and we will update the map below as our travels go on.